Letter from the editor

By Desmond Barca | Feb - April 2006

Greetings, Dear Readers…

On behalf of our staff, I’m pleased to announce that after a one year hiatus, “78 Magazine” is back from the dead! We’ve been resurrected –just like that certain long-haired non-conformist of many years ago.


Okay, maybe not quite like old J.C. In fact, a more fitting analogy might be re-animated like a putrid, half-eaten corpse, newly undead with a hunger for human brains. But either way, we’re back –to the delight of our fans, and the disgust of our critics (you know who you are!).

Illustration by Nicholas Ivins

By now you’ve probably realized 78 isn’t for everyone. More specifically, those of us that produce this publication aren’t for everyone. By simply reading this you’re already dealing with some of the most twisted, demented freaks you’re ever likely to find –social deviants and misanthropic miscreants, delighted and fascinated by the kinds of things no normal, well-adjusted person should be.

I’m not bragging, mind you. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a real human skull stashed away in my filing cabinet somewhere –that I didn’t fall asleep every night reading about the great serial killers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries –that I didn’t get all tingly when I passed by a morgue…

But that’s just the way I am –the way all of us are at 78, so it’s only fitting that the magazine reflect our wickedly bizarre interests. For our resurrection issue we’ve got stories on zombie lore, reincarnation, horror fiction, urban legends, and true life tales of players consumed by video game addiction. There’s also some normal stuff in here that’s really cool and interesting, too.

But where’s the fun in that?

Needless to say, we don’t expect to be everyone’s cup of tea, and though we may lose a few ad contracts here and there, we are proud of what we’re doing, even when we suck at it. The point is we’re doing what we want, the way we want –and more importantly, we’re having fun. We see this as doing our part to challenge convention, question authority, and help keep independent voice alive in San Diego County.

Our goal is to experiment, and if possible, innovate. For you, our beloved readers, we’ve put together an eclectic mix of features, art, and opinion, in a new quarterly format.

So for those of you who are like us, inquisitive and a little weird, we present our comeback issue.

We think you’ll enjoy it.

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