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If not for the volunteering (or drafting) of some very special plucky young go-getters, 78 Magazine wouldn't be where it is today! We always welcome submissions from talented people in the areas of writing, illustration, photography, and other fields who feel their skills could benefit our publication.

Please follow the guidelines listed below for whichever area you'd like to contribute to. Please bear in mind that submitting does not guarantee a spot in the magazine. We will respond only if interested. If you do not hear back from us, you are welcome to refine your work and try again. No writing or artwork submitted will be published without the consent of the creator.

Writers' guidelines

We are interested in many different kinds of writing, including traditional journalism and editorial to narrative fiction and more. No poetry, please.

Please send material for consideration or samples of your writing to the managing editor. Send attached pure text files and/or links to your website or other source of online content.

Artists' guidelines

Art is very important to our magazine and we are interested in a diverse range of styles and techniques. We are always on the lookout for talented illustrators, fine artists, cartoonists, photographers, designers, etc.

Please send material for consideration or samples of your artwork to the art director. Send reasonably-sized attached JPEGs and/or a link to an online portfolio site.

Other guidelines

There's more to running a magazine than just art and writing, and if you're adept at other areas of expertise not listed above (web stuff, for example), please contact the editor in regards to what it is you'd like to do.

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