Volume 3, Issue 1 / Feb - April 2006

Letter from the editor

A special message from Fearless Leader!

by Desmond Barca

Do You Voodoo?

Don’t knock it till you try it.

by Meg Eppel


Monks keep’n it real on the west side.

by Meg Eppel


Blood in, blood out.

by Kristian Smock

Urban Legends

Go ahead, pee in my pool, I dare you.

by Tiffany Esquivel

Vices & Addictions

The pitfalls of being a geek (besides virginity).

by Jason Padilla

Ducky Waddle's: Art & Books

An absolute treasure trove of strange and wonderful things.

by Michael Browne

The Metaphor Café

From crap to crème de la crème.

by Beth Ross

Madmen & Supervillains

The true tale of a twisted tryst - over her dead body!

by Mira Bai Winsby

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